Web Browsers - Minor
Arachne 1.43 beta 2
    Arachne is currently fullscreen graphical WWW browser which runs on DOS compatible operating systems. Version for POSIX-compliant systems like Linux is being developed. 

    Arachne was designed by xChaos software. It supports subset of HTML/4.0 specification, including tables, frames, imagemaps, forms, and more. FTP and e-mail clients are incorporated. 

    The distribution package includes freeware PPP dialer, WAV player, etc. Utilities like MPEG video player, AVI/Quicktime/MPEG3 multimedia player or TELNET client can be very easily downloaded as "Arachne packages" - installation process is fully automatical. 

    Author: xChaos software
    Requirements: i8086 compatible
    425 KB of memory 
    100% MS-DOS
    Downlaod It: DOS [2.2mb]
Rating: Beta


Ariadna v1.2 Beta 3
    A new Windows 95 web browser/'net phone combo from Russia.
    Author: AMSD Software
    Requirements: 486DX33 or more
    8MB of memory 
    Window 95 or Windows NT
    Downlaod It: Win95 [2.2mb]
Rating: 1


HotJava v1.1.2
    Although it's slow and awkward, it is highly customizable. Through simple text-based properties files, you can easily tailor HotJava Browser's user interface to create your own look and feel. For example, you can modify the menu items and their contents or add your own graphics and icons to refine the interface to your needs. 
    Author: Sun Microsystems, Inc
    Requirements: The HotJava Browser 1.1.2 runs on any JDK 1.1.4-compliant VM, including Solaris (version 2.5.1) on SPARC, Windows NT, and Windows  95. It is likely to run with later versions of Solaris and JDK 1.1.x, but it is only officially supported on the platforms it was tested on. 
    The HotJava Browser 1.1.2 has been tested on the following platforms: 
    JavaOS 1.1, Solaris 2.5.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT 
    Downlaod It: Windows NT, Windows 95, and Solaris (version 2.5.1)
Rating: 1


NCSA Mosaic v3.0 or Mosaic v2.1.1
    It was one of the original web browsers and improvements are still being made. Version 3.0 is Windows 95/NT specific.
    Author: The National Center for Supercomputing
    Requirements: Hardware
    Mosaic 3.0 
    The latest version of Mosaic requires at least a 80486 - 33Mhz machine with 8MB of RAM. A 486/66 or greater and 16MB of RAM is recommended. 
    Mosaic 2.1.1
    Mosaic requires an absolute minimum of an 80386SX-based machine with 4MB RAM. An 80486 or greater is recommended, as well as 8MB or greater of RAM. 

    Operating System
    Mosaic requires one of the following Windows operating systems. Which version of Mosaic you wish to run will determine your OS requirement. 

    • Windows 95 or Windows NT is required to run Mosaic 3.0. Both of these OS's will also run  Mosaic 2.1.1. 
    • Windows for Workgroups 3.1x or Windows v3.1x Operating in enhanced mode and the latest version of Win32s with OLE software. These will only work with version 2.1.1 due to the limitations of the Win32s API. They will NOT be able to run Mosaic 3.0 at any level. 
    Downlaod It: All Versions
Rating: 1


Opera v3.1
    The latest international browser to hit the internet - it's a Norwegian original.
Shareware, $30 (U.S) 
Rating: 2


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